The Claytons Blog Post

This is a short blog post about how I am not doing a blog post tonight. Make sense? I think I mentioned when this blog  began that I was doing it partly out of boredom and having too much time on my hands without a vocation or anything creative to do. Well since then a few things have changed in regard to paid work and I have found myself becoming increasingly busy. So busy, in fact that I am now struggling to find the time to write a post each week, which was my original intention. And heaven forbid IKeanu fortnight pump out a quick post of low quality and betray my beloved readers. So I think the only course of action is to try blog fortnightly, or at least somewhere between Keanu’s definition and the actual one.

So I bid you all bonne soirée now as I go to watch the Bachelor with a cup of tea & a medium-to-large bowl of ice cream, all the while repining the fact that my girth is significantly more portly than any of the ladies on the show.  A real head-scratcher.

Mmmm…Ice cream. Gotta go. X


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