Tennis Skirts – Perks & Pitfalls: The Non-trim Athletes Guide to Activewear

Just a quick post for you tonight. I just had another game of tennis this week where the tennis skirt made it’s second appearance. I have some thoughts:

  1. I was initially very attracted to the efficient and somewhat mysterious idea of storing tennis balls up the back in the little pants under the skirt. I’d watched female players do this for years and wondered what was going on. It looked intriguing, almost magical. That was part of the appeal of the tennis skirt – being a part of a magical world, almost like a tennis ball smashing Hermione Granger who can make things appear and disappear at will. But now that I am a skirt owner, I am realising it’s not as easy as it looks. Getting balls up under those little pants in one smooth action is actually quite tricky. Fumbling has, unfortunately, been required. And fumbling around in that area looks like you’re either scratching a persistent case of hemorrhoids or giving yourself a little fondle. Neither is a great look on the court.
  1. After a knee sprain earlier in the year I have had a little soreness lately so this week I went and purchased myself a knee brace on the way to tennis. Given I am showing quite a lot of leg already that’s teetering on the edge of acceptability for public viewing, a brace isn’t ideal. When you squish your thigh area into a tight compression the effect is similar to if you took a sausage and squeezed hard in the middle. You can see it can’t you. And it’s hard to unsee what has been seen.
  1. In spite of all these difficulties and roadblocks, it seems that women of all shapes and sizes are quite comfortable wearing very short skirts on the tennis court. And I am frolicking in the herd, unfettered and free, with the wind at my heels and under my nether regions. I will continue to embrace the skirt, but after a little hiatus. I think that the skirt and the brace work against each other like nemeses. They are mutually exclusive, a Superman and Lex Luthor if you will (my leg can be Superman in this analogy…please?). So whilst the brace is in my life, the skirt will have a little holiday in the cupboard. But once my knee is back to full health, I shall bound proudly around the court, head held high and balls stuck low. 

I have included a picture of a tennis skirt that I would like you to keep in mind when you think of me, if you wouldn’t mind. Please stare at it for 1 minute saying ‘Carrie’ in your head before closing this page. Thank you in advance.

Tennis skirt skinn



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