A Parents Guide to Decluttering

Step 1: Work hard to clean out cupboards, toy room and declutter junk.

Step 2: Decide it’s time to say goodbye to enormous stuffed reindeer toy that child has not looked at in 4 months and has forgotten exists.

Step 3: Sneak toy reindeer, along with other undesired items, to the car and stuff in car boot.

Step 4: Drive around with bag in boot for 4-6 weeks.

Step 5: Realise you kind of need to use your boot so decide to actually drive to the salvos and deposit the bag.

Step 6: Small child, who is unable to locate shoes right in front of them on a daily basis, somehow spots tip of reindeer antler through opaque garbage bag as you grab it out and has meltdown of gigantuous proportions, sobbing violently over loss of toy and related perceived child abuse.

Step 7: Feel more than a twinge of guilt about your kids devastation and apparent ruined childhood but stay strong and dump reindeer anyway.

Step 8: Come home, admire uncluttered home, congratulate yourself for standing your ground back there and kick back like a boss.

Step 9: Collect the equivalent of 10 stuffed reindeers of junk each time your kid has a birthday and live in a state of perpetual filth and clutter.

Step 10: Repeat all steps for 20 years and realise this is parenthood 👌🏼



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