The First One

Hello. I have decided to write a blog and if you are reading it, then I’m off to a good start. I am a thirty-something year old wife of 1 and mother of 3 (wouldn’t want to mix those up) living in NSW, Australia. I have been married to hubby for 11 & 1/2 years and he’s awesome. Let’s nickname him “George Clooney” as he is handsome and greying prematurely. Carrie

I’ve got 3 great kids – Miss 8, Master 6 and Mini Miss 2. I love my husband and kids and know I am doing the most important job in the world raising little people and all that… but after 9 years out of the full time workforce sometimes I can feel a little restless with the monotony of the stay at home mother life and the lack of creative outlet. Do you ever feel you might have something to say but there’s no one over 2 years old to listen?  

I had dinner with a group of women recently that included friends and acquaintances. We were talking about hobbies, talents and how we spend our time. Some were musical, some danced, some had crazy arts/crafts habits and most had careers but they all did something. The gal next to me turned and asked ‘ Are you musical?’

Me “No, can’t read a note”.

She said “Did you dance as a kid?”

Me “Nope, I have no hand/eye/foot co-ordination, I struggle doing the Nutbush.”

Someone else “Do you play sport now”.

Starting to hang my head I said in a small voice “no” (there was then a long pause as people couldn’t help but to turn and watch me curiously) “…but I like to watch TV”.

What am I doing with my life?? Apparently nothing worth impressing anyone at this dinner, myself included. But it got me thinking. It’s not like I do nothing but sit around and watch TV. I run a household, look after the kidlets, go to church, do weekly yoga and enjoying hanging with friends…but I realised it is more about having that extra something that you’re passionate about, or that stimulates the brain. That extra string to my proverbial bow. Due to possibly a combination of lack of child-free time and laziness, there is currently no extra string (kicking myself for quitting the clarinet at age 10 and the piano at age 12!). But maybe there could be….? I have always enjoyed a good laugh as well as telling a yarn. Hopefully now writing this blog will give me something creative to do with my time and energy…if you are willing to read my stuff.

I should give you my rules/guidelines: I am not political. I will not be talking deeply about such issues as policies, taxes, asylum seekers or global warming (though the large ears, or dreamy looks of certain politicians may get a mention here or there). I am not interested in discussing how to decorate your home, or providing you with nutritious lunch box ideas in the shapes of smiley faces for your kids or how to use your leftover candle stubs for DIY home pube waxing.

I will however try to amuse you with stories from my life, past and present, my crazy kids, our overweight kelpie ‘Cedric’ and issues of parenthood, wifehood (is that a word?), TV shows, wine-time musings and other general trivial pursuits. Ladies, if I can cause you to grin, chuckle, or better still – pee a little, I’ll be a happy woman. Men, you are more than welcome to read along but I am not really writing with you in mind. Comments such as ‘You go girl!’ or ‘I totally agree with everything she has to say’ will be tolerated but keep them brief and to the point. 

Over and out.

PS. Since writing this I have been shamed into joining a tennis comp. Game. Set. Match.



6 thoughts on “The First One

  1. jen April 27, 2015 / 8:36 am

    Oh, I’m so glad you’re doing this. Every time I read your Facebook updates (which are highlight) I think to myself ” she should really write a blog” and I’m sorry I never said it to you, but I am super glad you’ve started!

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  2. Funny & 40! April 28, 2015 / 9:47 pm

    go you good thing!!! You did it, you took the plunge!!! I will read your giggles for sure. I better go out and buy some more panty liners for all this extra peeing I am going to do…. The pelvic floor can only handle so much 😜
    Bring on a good piddle I say 😅😆😛😂😂😂


  3. Burnsygirl May 1, 2015 / 11:25 am

    Write on.


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